Here you will only find real travel bargains! is a website dedicated exclusively to flash selling trips. We are a young and dynamic team consists of professionals in Tourism, Communication and New Technologies with over 16 years experience in the tourism sector.
What we offer?
On our website you will find travel bargains that remain on sale during specified days during what can book them at the best price on the Internet.
What is our philosophy?
We have one thing very clear: we don't get you dizzy with offers, we offer real travel bargains! Also, if you wish, we advise you to choose the most appropriate trip for you.
How do we make it possible?
How we got it, it is no secret ;-). We focus our offer on certain tourist products, enabling our providers a high volume of sales in record time. In return, suppliers (hotels, tour operators, shipping etc.) make us discounts for our customers to enjoy unthinkable bargains.

What advantages we offer to our customers?
 Always the best price: Who doesn't want to always find the best price? In we don't get you dizzy with offers, just'll offer travel bargains, so you don't have to waste time looking at other sites and enjoy your holidays at incredible prices.

 New bargains every day: if you don't find the destination you are looking for, pay attention, because each day goes on sale new bargains ;-).

 Reviews from other customers: our bargains include reviews from other customers so you can choose the best bargain that best suits what you want.

 Newsletter with the best deals: if you want, we send once a week our Newsletter with our best bargains so far.

And besides, we advise you before and after your trip! On our website you will find all the information you need for your trip, and if you want you can contact us for us to help you find your ideal travel bargain. We are a young team, enjoy traveling and we love to share with you tips and useful information.
What advantages we offer to our partners?
 Great sales volume: and in a very few days! The offers provided by our partners are on sale between 7 and 9 days, during which optimize sales up.

 Speed ​​and dynamism: provide us a valid offer and within 48 hours we will post it on our portal. In addition, we help you to fill the rooms you have free, even for 'lastminute' offers.

 Flexibility: we don't demand exorbitant commissions and we only ask you to have the best prices on the net during the time of publication (for 7-9 days).

 Specialization: throughout the years we have specialized in selling travel packages online. Moreover, we only sell travel packages, never other products.

 Prompt payment: we believe that our suppliers value positively the quick billing, so we guarantee prompt payment.

 Solid relationship: maintain a healthy relationship with our suppliers is one of the vital points of our company.
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